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A New Channel To Capital

Our purpose is to help businesses fundraise better, and deliver better returns for shareholders – we are doing this by disrupting Investor Communications to build a community of growth businesses & passionate investors who want to make the world a better place.

Investor communication is the art of keeping investors engaged in your business – it’s an important part of growth & raising money.  We have two guiding principles; 

Communicate with the subject in mind

What investors want to know may not be what you expect, but in the exhilarating game of growing a business there’s always a story to tell andit’s important to show that there’s an active, thriving businesses.  Your Investor Communications strategy should be developed to meet their needs, while telling them what you want them to know.  Consider what types of updates investors want to hear, the frequency and the medium.

Videography & Social media are powerful storytellers

There’s no point talking if you’re not being heard.  Increasingly video is replacing the written word as the preferred method for consuming information, and by using video for communication and social media for distribution, investors are more likely to listen up and take action.

We call this approach Investor Relations-as-a-Service, or IRaaS.

The Purpose of IRaaS

Bring Your Business To Investors

The beauty of using videography for investor communications is that with one performance, you can talk to an infinite number of investors, wherever they are in the world.  

Younger investors prefers to watch than to read – embrace this change by delivering investor communications with videography, a medium that’s rich with potential and more likely to be consumed.

Attract A Younger Crowd

Grow your Investor Base

By working with Content for Investors you gain access to a growing pool of investors – having a large investor base will both stabilise and increase your value while also increasing the wealth of knowledge and connections available to your business


Marcus Breese

CEO & Founder

Marcus’ first foray into business was at the age of 13 – after being sent to build a computer with a local computer scientist, he developed a flair for technology. Friends and family took notice and demand for his IT services grew, and FIT Computing was born. He studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey before taking up a position on the Amey IT Graduate Scheme, where he learnt the art of getting things done as an IT Project Manager & Business Analyst. As his career took off he was keen for his money to work alongside him, and studied Investing – while his first investment bombed 75%, the future held more success.  His creative fires were kept burning as a keen musician, delighting in creating and performing.

In 2022, he eventually decided to bring his diverse range of interests together and start Content for Investors, using production, technology & investment knowledge to help growing businesses and encourage a more diverse range of investors.  

Charles Breese

Executive Chairman

As a teenager, Charles stated aim was to help develop the businesses of the future. He began his career as an auditor at KPMG (nee. Peat Marwick) before choosing to ride the emerging wave of UK Venture Capital and joining Larpent Newton in 1982.  Along the way Charles’ has applied his formidable analytical skills to develop an understanding of the Capital Markets that’s virtually unrivalled.  Today, Charles’ is the chairman of Aspremont, a group of entrepeneurs intent on turning great visions into great companies.

With a career that’s seen him liberating oil tankers in Canada, valuing  utilities in North Yemen and selecting the winners early with success stories including Surface Transforms, AB Dynamics & Hallmarq, Charles brings wisdom and experience to the team.

Rebecca Mills

Finance Controller

Rebecca grew up in New Zealand and moved to Gstaat, Switzerland at 23, answering a call for a trusted nanny. Captivated by the grandeur and history of Europe she decided to stay and has since established herself as a people’s champion. She entered local politics at the communities request, acquiring expertise in planning and becoming Chairman of the Council. She is a passionate advocate of grass-roots support, running local investment clubs and volunteering at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  

Along the way, fiscal responsibility has been a key weapon in her arsenal, and her repeatable, scalable and low-risk approach to finance makes her the perfect Finance Controller for CfI.  

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